Gov. Charlie Baker announces that effective 5 a.m. Monday, Feb. 8, businesses can operate at 40% capacity. (Photo courtesy Joshua Qualls/Governor’s Press Office)

Gov. Charlie Baker announced today that a number of types of businesses, including restaurants and close-contact personal services, will be able to operate at 40% capacity effective Monday at 5 a.m.

The current order limiting capacity to 25% for many businesses was due to expire on Monday.

The administration also announced that current restrictions limiting gathering sizes to 10 persons indoors and 25 persons outdoors, as well as other orders and safety guidance, will remain in place.

The following businesses and other sectors, currently limited to 25% capacity, may increase to a 40% capacity limit on Monday:
• Restaurants
• Offices
• Retailers
• Gyms/health clubs
• Libraries
• Close-contact personal services
• Movie Theaters (no more than 50 people per theater)
• Museums
• Places of worship
• Lodging (common areas)
• Arcades and recreational businesses
• Driving and flight schools
• Golf (indoor areas)

Workers and staff do not count toward the occupancy count for restaurants and close-contact personal services.

The state remains in Step 1 of Phase 3 of its four-phase reopening plan. Phase 3, Step 2 businesses, including indoor performance venues and indoor recreation businesses like roller rinks and trampoline parks, remain closed.

The gathering limits apply equally to private homes, event venues and other public spaces.

See COVID-19 Order No. 63 extending gatherings limits