The Cannabis Control Commission voted on Sept. 24 to release draft revised adult-use delivery regulations for public comment.

The revised regulations would create two different license types authorized to deliver directly to adult-use consumers.

A “limited delivery license” is a new iteration of the “delivery-only license” that is currently within the commission’s regulations.

In response to public comment, the commission also created a new “wholesale delivery license,” which would allow businesses to purchase marijuana and finished marijuana products at wholesale from cultivators, craft marijuana cooperatives, product manufacturers, and microbusinesses and sell orders directly to consumers.

The commission specifically differentiated these license types from the marijuana retailers license.

The holder of a wholesale delivery license, unlike holders of limited delivery licenses, would be required to maintain a warehouse. Wholesale delivery licensees would be required to comply with the same security provisions and product storage provisions required of other marijuana establishments. In addition, wholesale delivery licensees would be able to brand finished marijuana products that were previously produced and packaged, a process called “white labeling.”

Both licenses would be available exclusively to Certified Economic Empowerment Applicants and Social Equity Program Participants for a minimum of three years.

While the commission is also currently considering revisions to other portions of its regulations, a new round of public comment, open through Oct. 15, will be related only to the delivery-related regulations.

The MMA is reviewing the draft rules to determine whether to provide further comment to the commission and welcomes feedback from municipal officials on the pending changes.

The commission plans to take a final vote on all proposed changes at its public meeting scheduled for Oct. 20.

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