Becket Highway Department employees work on a paving project last summer in the town. In fiscal 2018, Becket received $238,326 in Chapter 90 funds. (photo Christopher Bouchard)

The Joint Committee on Transportation on April 10 reported out the governor’s Chapter 90 bond bill for fiscal 2020 (H. 69), which was scheduled for a May 1 hearing before the Joint Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets.

The one-year bill, which would provide $200 million in reimbursements to cities and towns for road and bridge work, still must pass through several steps in the legislative process before it reaches the governor’s desk.

At a hearing before the Transportation Committee on March 5, the MMA reiterated its position seeking a multiyear bond authorization of at least $300 million per year, indexed to inflation, for the program.

April 1 is the customary date for finalizing the Chapter 90 bond authorization, so that communities can take advantage of the full construction season and better manage project costs.

The MMA has consistently asked for early filing, review and approval of a Chapter 90 bill.

Municipal officials have received a preliminary notice of their estimated Chapter 90 allocation, but it is subject to the final bond authorization.

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