The Citizen Planner Training Collaborative’s Webinar Series 2021, designed for citizen and professional planners in Massachusetts, will run from Nov. 10 through Dec. 16.

Registration is open for the 10 workshops, which range from “Roles and Responsibilities of Planning Boards and Boards of Appeals” to more specialized information such as fair housing laws. Each workshop is sponsored by a regional planning agency, and anyone may attend.

The workshop schedule is as follows:
• Fair Housing Laws: Nov. 10
• Fair, Defensible Land Use Decisions: Nov. 15
• Adopting and Revising Rules and Regulations: Nov. 17
• Drafting Zoning Amendments: Nov. 18
• Adopting and Revising Rules and Regulations: Nov. 23
• Introduction to Subdivision Control Law/ANR: Nov. 29
• Fair, Defensible Land Use Decisions: Dec. 2
• Roles and Responsibilities of Planning and Zoning Boards: Dec. 7
• Special Permits and Variances: Dec. 15
• Use of Design Review: Dec. 16
• Working with Chapter 40B: Dec. 21

MIIA member communities should note that 10 of these workshops (all but the Use of Design Review) qualify for credit under the MIIA Rewards Program, so the workshops offer an opportunity to reduce municipal insurance costs while gaining knowledge about Massachusetts land use planning and law.

The fee is $20 per workshop, which can be paid online (preferred) or by check. All workshops include a PDF handout and slides. Registration closes two days prior to each workshop. Visit the registration page for more information.