The economic development package signed into law by Gov. Charlie Baker on Jan. 14 (Ch. 358 of the Acts of 2020) includes a provision providing for a town-appointed tenant board member on local housing authority boards in towns.

This provision, which becomes effective on May 15, requires towns to appoint a tenant member to a local housing authority board from a list of names submitted to the town by a recognized local tenant organization. If there is no local tenant organization, then the local housing authority is required to notify its public housing residents of the opportunity to submit their names to the town for consideration for appointment.

The Department of Housing and Community Development has issued a Public Housing Notice (PHN 2021-01: Changes Pertaining to Town Appointed Tenant Board Members) to provide guidance to local housing authorities related to this provision. The notice includes information on identifying and filling the town-appointed tenant board member seat and details how local housing authorities can apply for a temporary waiver from this requirement.

Towns that do not have a housing authority may disregard this notice.

Public housing notices on the DHCD website provide guidance, extensions, instructions, clarifications, announcements and other policy information.

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