The Division of Local Services today reminded municipal procurement officers who need to purchase goods or services related to COVID-19 on an expedited basis that Chapter 30B includes emergency procurement authority.

Specifically, under Section 8, if the time needed to comply with a requirement in Chapter 30B would endanger the health or safety of people or their property, a procurement officer can procure the needed supply or service without complying with that requirement. Any emergency procurement must be limited to the supplies or services necessary to address the emergency and must otherwise meet the requirements of Chapter 30B to the extent possible under the circumstances.

This provision can be used to help spend Coronavirus Relief Fund municipal allocations by the December deadlines.

The procurement officer must make a record of the emergency as soon after the procurement as practicable, specifying:
• Each contractor’s name
• The amount and the type of each contract
• A listing of the supply or service provided under each contract
• The basis for determining the need for an emergency procurement

The procurement officer must submit a copy of this record at the earliest possible time to the Secretary of the Commonwealth for publication.

For more information, see the FAQs on COVID-19 and Chapter 30B published by the Inspector General’s Office.

For guidance on Chapter 30B procurement matters, contact the Office of the Inspector General’s 30B Assistance Hotline at 617-722-8838 or

For general COVID-19 resources for municipalities, visit

The DLS also reminded local officials that there are more than 100 statewide contracts in place that may already meet the needs of local governments and schools. For more information on buying from a statewide contract issued by the Operational Services Division, visit, or contact the OSD Help Desk by calling 888-627-8283 or emailing Municipal procurement officers should also consider the use of these contracts as a viable option to accelerate the purchasing process.