The state has approved plans from the three largest electric utilities to invest $450 million in grid modernization.

The Department of Public Utilities last month approved plans from the state’s three largest electric utilities to invest more than $450 million to modernize grid technologies from 2022 through 2025.

Under the three-year plans, the electric distributors will expand grid monitoring, communication and automation technologies to increase the safety and reliability of the Massachusetts electric power system, state officials said.

NSTAR Electric, National Grid and Unitil had each filed their grid modernization plans last year.

The Department of Public Utilities requires electric utilities to develop modernization plans and actively work toward enhancing grid reliability, reducing costs, and supporting a clean, more efficient electric system.

The utility companies’ first grid modernization plans, approved by the DPU in May 2018, supported investments from 2018 through 2021 to help automate grid operations and allowed distribution companies to better monitor and control grid conditions in near real time.

The DPU website has additional information.

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