Phase 1 of the federal Energy Future Grants program is making $27 million in financial assistance available to government-led partnerships that will advance clean energy innovation.

Administered by the State and Community Energy Program, Energy Future Grants will support local, state and tribal governments in developing and implementing plans that break new ground in three topic areas: transportation, the power sector, and buildings. Applicants are encouraged to think across these sectors and propose multi-sectoral or integrated ideas to improve energy affordability and access, and to support jobs and economic benefits.

The State and Community Energy Program says it intends to select approximately 50 teams for Phase 1, with awardees receiving approximately $500,000 for a 12-to-18-month award period to provide design support and to ensure engagement is inclusive of all jurisdictions and aligned with the needs of disadvantaged communities. Activities may include stakeholder engagement meetings, planning workshops, financial or economic analyses, or electrical grid modeling.

Phase 1 activities will be limited to planning and outreach. At a later date, the program intends to conduct a competitive process for Phase 2, which will award approximately 10 teams from all the Phase 1 teams to receive approximately $1 million in additional funds.

Applicants are advised to include at least three or four governmental partners as well as additional community partners, such as nonprofits, higher education, planning organizations, utilities, and for-profit entities.

Applications are due by Nov. 10 via the Clean Energy Infrastructure Funding Opportunity Exchange. Questions may be sent to or

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