Finance Committee Handbook

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Finance Committee Handbook

In November 2006, the ATFC released a new version of the Finance Committee Handbook on CD-ROM. It has been updated several times since, most recently in 2014.

In addition to the handbook, the CD contains several publications from the Division of Local Services that are helpful to finance committee members. Moving from a paper version of the Handbook to a CD is cost-effective for the association and allows members to view the information on their computer whether at work, home or town hall. Member response to the CD has been enthusiastic and positive.

Many local, state and business financial experts were enlisted to contribute to the Finance Committee Handbook. ATFC Past President Allan Tosti serves as the managing editor of the handbook. Former board members who contributed their time and expertise to the book include Marilyn Browne, Nelson Valverde, Paul Lapointe, John McAuliffe and the late Edward Dlott.

The Finance Committee Handbook is designed to assist all members of finance committees. It also provides useful information to other local officials who are involved in municipal finance and budget matters. The handbook covers complex issues as well as the basic roles and responsibilities of finance committee members.

The Finance Committee Handbook is free to ATFC members. This includes one CD for each member of the finance committee of a dues-paying town. The cost for nonmembers is $35.

Copies can be obtained by calling Jessica Obasohan at the MMA at (800) 882-1498.