The Federal Transit Administration is accepting competitive grant applications through May 31 for the Low or No Emission (Low-No) Program and Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities.

Grant funding totals $1.1 billion for the Low-No Program and $372 million for Buses and Bus Facilities.

The Low-No Program is intended to support state and local governments in transitioning fleets to low-pollution and energy-efficient vehicles. Eligible costs include the purchase or lease of zero- or low-emission transit buses, including acquisition, construction and leasing of required supporting facilities. Municipalities, tribal governments, states, counties, local government authorities, and designated recipients are eligible to apply.

The Buses and Bus Facilities Program supports the financing of buses and bus facility capital projects. This includes replacement, rehabilitation and purchase or lease of buses, related equipment and facilities, as well as construction of new bus-related facilities. States or local government entities operating fixed-route bus service, tribal governments, and designated recipients that allocate funds to fixed-route bus operators are eligible to apply. Eligible sub-recipients include all otherwise eligible applicants and private nonprofit organizations engaged in public transportation.

Recipients may use up to 0.5% of their requested grant award for eligible workforce development and an additional 0.5% for costs associated with training at the National Transit Institute. Projects related to zero-emission vehicles are required to spend 5% of requested funding for workforce development.

Applicants for one or both programs must attach a supplemental form to their submission.

The Notice of Funding Opportunity, informational webinars, and additional details are available at

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