When Greenfield adopted a city form of government 15 years ago, it officially became “The City Known as the Town of Greenfield.” The lengthy description will soon be gone, however. Pending state approval, the community will simply be “The City of Greenfield.”
Greenfield’s 13-member Town Council – soon-to-be City Council – unanimously voted on Dec. 20 to amend Greenfield’s charter and replace each instance of “town” with “city.” There were no other changes to the charter or Greenfield’s operations.
The change does require state approval, and a home rule petition was sent to the state Legislature on Jan. 16. It is expected to pass and be signed by the governor.
Greenfield changed its form of government to mayor-council in 2003. Previously, Greenfield had a board of selectmen and a town manager.

Written by Daniel DeMaina, Associate Editor