The House on Wednesday is scheduled to take up a $1.63 billion capital bond bill that includes funding for state information technology purchases and a variety of state and local capital programs.

The bill (H. 4708) includes $20 million to fund matching grants to help municipalities with broadband construction projects and related spending. Several amendments to the broadband section of the bill would increase funding for specific categories of projects.

The Board of Library Commissioners’ public library building grant program would be replenished with $100 million in new spending authorizations.

The bill includes a general $101 million program for municipalities and certain regional government entities to fund capital projects, including IT equipment and infrastructure.

Items for the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security include $25 million to fund a competitive grant program for fire departments to purchase firefighter safety equipment, including washer and dryer cleaning equipment for firefighter gear and safety equipment. Firefighting vehicles are not included.

By last Friday’s deadline, 189 amendments had been filed for consideration.

Debate and voting on the bill will take place under new rules adopted to facilitate remote voting by representatives.

If approved by the House, the bill would move to the Senate. Any bond authorizations eventually enacted would be included in future state capital spending plans at the discretion of the governor.

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