Keith Bergman (left) and Robin Crosbie (right)

In 2020, the Massachusetts Municipal Management Association partnered with the International City/County Management Association to establish a Senior Advisor Program, which provides advice and support, as requested, to all Massachusetts professional town and city managers/administrators and their assistants, regardless of their membership in the ICMA or MMA, as well as to department directors who are members of the ICMA.

The senior advisors — currently Keith Bergman and Robin Crosbie — are volunteers selected from retired ICMA members in good standing, who have a breadth of experience in municipal government and in work/life matters.

Bergman and Crosbie say they are available to listen, reflect, support, and provide information — and to help managers through difficult and challenging times. All conversations and communications with a senior advisor are confidential.

The advisors can also provide guidance to managers and their community on management questions and form of government.

For more information or to participate, contact Bergman at or 774-353-8706, or Crosbie at or 413-575-5555.