The Around the Commonwealth section of The Beacon highlights a few community initiatives.

Every day across the Commonwealth, municipal leaders are figuring out ways to deliver services more efficiently, save taxpayers money, engage more citizens in the vital work of local government, or generally improve the effectiveness of the layer of government that has the most direct impact on people’s lives.

Massachusetts town and city halls regularly serve as laboratories for creative thinking in an effort to provide even better services to residents. Local leaders have repeatedly shown ingenuity through the years — even more so during the pandemic.

The MMA is proud of the work that our members do, and whenever possible, we want to recognize and help spread the word about local creative solutions. If your community has launched a new program or initiative, or has found a unique solution for a common problem, please let us know by filling out our new Local News Tips form on the MMA website.

Local officials often tell the MMA that they want to know more about what other communities are doing so they can learn from each other’s experiences. By letting us know about your new programs and initiatives, you can help the MMA foster that mutual learning through our news coverage and social media, and contribute to the innovations that are improving local government.