Members of the Massachusetts Select Board Association attend the MSA Western Massachusetts Conference in October.

At its Annual Business Meeting in Boston on Jan. 25, the membership of the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association voted to change the group’s name to the Massachusetts Select Board Association.

The association’s Executive Board proposed the change in order to align with a trend among cities and towns to adopt gender-neutral terms for local government bodies in an effort to promote inclusivity and equality. At least 85 towns have adopted “select board” as the title of the elected policy board.

The membership adopted new bylaws to make the change, but made no other changes. The change was effective immediately.

The association is retaining its MSA abbreviation.

Nearly 1,200 selectmen and select board members serve in 292 towns in Massachusetts. The MSA, which dates back to 1929, provides opportunities for these town policy makers to network and share ideas, pursue educational opportunities, meet with state leaders and subject-matter experts, and participate in the advocacy work of the MMA.