Becket Highway Department employees work on a paving project last summer in the town. In fiscal 2018, Becket received $238,326 in Chapter 90 funds. (photo Christopher Bouchard)

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has released its list of additional local road funding for each city and town resulting from the fiscal 2019 supplemental budget bill signed into law on Dec. 13.

The final budget, Chapter 142 of the Acts of 2019, includes $20 million for grants to cities and towns for local road and bridge projects as a supplement to the Chapter 90 program.

The funding brings total funding for fiscal 2020 awarded through the Chapter 90 formula to $220 million.

Chapter 90 transportation funds support all 351 cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth. Funding for each municipality is predetermined by a formula that includes factors such as population, road miles and employment.

Download listing of supplemental Chapter 90 amounts for each city and town for fiscal 2020 (165K PDF)