A paving crew works in Becket. (courtesy photo)

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has released a listing of each city and town’s allocation of additional road and bridge funding resulting from a fiscal 2018 close-out bill signed by the governor on Oct. 23.

The budget law provides $40 million in one-time funding for local road projects using the Chapter 90 allocation formula. Each city and town will receive an amount equal to one-fifth of its fiscal 2019 allocation.

The close-out bill, filed by the governor in July, provided a blueprint for using unanticipated state tax collections last year to cover budget shortfalls and some one-time expenses, and to add to the state’s “rainy day” fund.

The supplemental funding for local projects was recommended by the governor and supported by the MMA and by local public works officials through the Massachusetts Highway Association.

Download MassDOT spreadsheet with local road funding amounts (152K XLS)