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    Population: under 2,500 - $100; Population: 2,500-9,999 - $225; Population: 10,000-34,999 - $275; Population: 35,000-49,999 - $300; Population: 50,000 and over - $325; Other Governmental Unit and Business Partner: $350
  • Please note, this form should be completed by the primary member for each dues paying member community. Primary membership is open to the individual who currently holds a position assigned primary responsibility for the personnel administration of a governmental unit. Such membership belongs to the governmental unit and will therefore remain with the position, not the individual. You will have the option to add associate member contact information on this form.
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    Benchmark is the MMHR’s proprietary online salary survey. The member-driven survey provides comparative salary and benefits information for 75 benchmark positions in more than 200 member communities across Massachusetts.
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