The Massachusetts Municipal Human Resources Association’s Emil S. Skop Award is awarded each year to a human resources professional who has made outstanding contributions to the field of municipal human resources management and made a positive impact on the MMHR and its members.

Emil S. Skop was one of the founding members of the Massachusetts Municipal Personnel Association (renamed MMHR in 2019) and served as its first executive secretary. He acknowledged the value of sharing information and experiences with other human resources and labor relations professionals even before “networking” became a recognized term. He is recognized for his tireless efforts in this area.

Award Criteria
Skop Award nominations are accepted from MMHR members, human resources colleagues, municipal chief administrative officers, municipal personnel/human resources boards, officials of state human resources-related agencies, and other related entities.

The nominee must demonstrate measurable accomplishments of excellence in the field of municipal human resources, including at least one of the following:

• Innovative HR/labor program development/implementation at the municipal, state or association level that has positively impacted other communities
• Extraordinary assistance to colleagues in resolution of issues, sharing of expertise, and/or presentations to municipal officials in areas of particular expertise
• Participation in overarching committee/board work culminating in/contributing to improvements in the manner in which human resources are managed locally or statewide
• Special achievement in the human resources field that contributes to the daily administration of human resources functions and has been shared with other communities

Past recipients
Jen Breaker, 2023
Dolores Hamilton, 2022
Rachel Glisper, 2021
Mary Beth Bernard, 2020
Kendra Amaral, 2016
Vanessa Hale, 2015
Phil Collins, 2015
Denise Casey, 2014
Susan Adler, 2013
Candace Hall, 2012
Joanne Faust, 2011
David Baier, 2010
Amy Foley, 2009
Jeffrey Hull, 2008
Demetrios Moschos, 2007
Diane Crimmins, 2005
Janice Borg Silverman, 2004
Elizabeth Dennis, 2003
Donald Hawkes, 2002
Brenda Capello, 2001
Angela Natho, 2000
Joellen Daley, 2000
Gerard Hayes, 1999
Richard Moynihan, 1998
Christina Callahan, 1997
Marjarita Doherty, 1996
Kate Fitzpatrick, 1995
Kay Zlogar, 1994
Carol Blute, 1993
Eugene Gardner, 1992
Charles Cristello, 1991
Raymond Meserve, 1991
Michael Gardner, 1990
Michael Rourke, 1990
Althena Halkiotis, 1989
Robert O’Hare, 1988
Edward Bleiler, 1987
Roger Turgeon, 1986