Massachusetts Municipal Human Resources Association – Listserv Protocol

Listserv Goals:
The MMHR listserv is an effective way for members to circulate and share information. Our Listserv goals include:
• Facilitation of information among MMHR members;
• Circulation of useful resources within the membership;
• Building a network among members; and
• Development of a Library of information for members to access.

Listserv Protocols and Considerations:
As a member of the Listserv, members agree to the following:

• Questions posted to the Listserv relate to the field of Human Resources. Questions that relate to other municipal functions (procurement, sidewalks, building demolition, asbestos removal, public utilities, etc.) should be posted on a different Listserv. Please contact the MMA for information on listservs that relate to other member groups or topics.

• MMHR is a nonpartisan organization that respects the political views of all its members; therefore, the Listserv may not be used for political discussions, specifically the promotion of candidates.

• The Listserv should not be used to advertise employment positions. The MMA provides a web-based service for the purposes of advertising municipal positions.

• Members cannot share illegal content through the Listserv (copyright, software, etc.).

• Profanity is strictly prohibited.

• Members should avoid controversial postings. Personal attacks and negative/inappropriate comments directed at individual(s) will not be tolerated. Never write anything that you would not say to your colleague in person. Remember that it is hard to interpret the tone of emails, therefore, it is necessary to exercise caution in regards to tone.

• Members should avoid using CAPITAL letters, as this is perceived as yelling.

• Replying To All should be reserved only for information that will benefit the entire Listserv. If you intend to ask a member for information, send the request to that member only. Do not reply to all. As a reminder to colleagues, members should put the phrase, “Do not reply to all when responding” in bold letters at the end of their Listserv requests.

Generally speaking, do not use the list serve for:
– Setting up personal meetings;
– Thanking someone for responding (we all appreciate it);
– Stating, “I’d like the information too”; or
– A conversation that should be taken “off-line”

• When you pose a question on the Listserv, you are responsible for compiling the information provided by your colleagues and disseminating to the Listserv.

Ways to Manage Your Listserv:
• Members are encouraged to create a separate inbox for the emails that come from the Listserv. By doing this, you can check the Listserv when you have time and do not feel inundated by requests for information.

Corrective Action for Inappropriate Posts:
• Posts to the Listserv that, in the discretion of the MMHR Executive Board, constitute an offensive comment, may result in the discontinuation of Listserv access.

Questions regarding the Listserv should be forwarded to the MMHR Member Services Coordinator at the MMA, 617-426-7272.

Thank you for your assistance in making the MMHR Listserv an effective and efficient way to disseminate information to Human Resources professionals across the state.

Approved by the MMPA Board on March 5, 2014.