Dear Municipal Leaders,

During this unprecedented health emergency, please know that the MMA will be working with you every day to share vital information and best practices, fight for the resources, flexibility and authority you need, and continue to be your partner in building strong cities and towns in every corner of Massachusetts.

Throughout this emergency, the MMA is continuing to deliver the valuable services that we provide to the communities of the Commonwealth – our advocacy on Beacon Hill, our publications, communications and member programs, our best-in-class MIIA programs, and dozens of other services and programs for cities and towns.

Every employer across the nation is moving quickly to ensure the safest and healthiest possible environment for our employees – and you can be confident that the MMA is doing this. Beginning Monday, March 16, most of our staff will be working remotely, a decision that will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. This will enable our invaluable staff to work in a setting that reduces potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We will maintain our normal business hours and will always be available to you via email and telephone, and our team will remain in constant contact virtually. We are working hard to ramp up the technology and resources needed to support this extraordinarily fast pivot. In addition, we expect that during the next several weeks many of our traditionally in-person member meetings will be rescheduled or transitioned to online or call-in formats. We are coordinating closely with the leaders of all of our member groups to ensure that our programming is delivered effectively and safely.

In this time of upheaval and uncertainty, one thing is certain: cities and towns are the bedrock of Massachusetts. As a municipal leader, you are on the front lines battling the pandemic and maintaining the essential services that our residents and all of society need to withstand this emergency. All of us on the staff applaud your extraordinary leadership, and are deeply proud to be your partners.

With Appreciation,

Geoff Beckwith
MMA Executive Director & CEO


When I took office as MMA President in January my priorities for the 351 cities and towns of Massachusetts were vastly different than they are now.

By necessity it is time for all, especially elected officials, to get down to the basics of good health. Our communities are made up of families; it’s important to remember that.

Think about the lessons we are learning today about public health and how we can best carry those lessons beyond the current health crisis we are experiencing right now.

We are uniquely positioned in that the best and brightest minds in medicine and biotechnology work right here in Massachusetts. When this current pandemic ultimately is over, I expect leaps forward in advances in medicine and public health policy.

Some events are beyond our control, but our reaction to events is well within our grasp. That is where our strength resides.

The MMA always stands for the proposition that strong local government promotes strong communities. Stay strong, stay engaged, and stay healthy. You GOT THIS!

Cece Calabrese
MMA President

MMA cancels meetings as coronavirus precaution

Due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, the MMA in early March cancelled all meetings of its member groups for this month, and will not be holding meetings in the MMA office, including meetings of MMA policy committees, until further notice.

These precautions may be extended as deemed necessary to protect the health of staff and members.

We will keep members posted of any further changes through this website, direct emails, and our Twitter and Facebook channels.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.