Rep. Michael Day (left) speaks with Wakefield Town Councillor Mehreen Butt (right) during an MMA Legislative Breakfast Meeting in Andover on March 22.

The fiscal 2020 state budget and education finance legislation, economic development and housing, recycling, the Chapter 90 local roads program, health insurance for retirees (OPEB), and host community agreements for marijuana establishments have been the leading topics at MMA Legislative Breakfast Meetings this spring.

Discussions also covered some of the myriad bills the MMA is tracking now that the 2019-2020 legislative session has begun.

The MMA held six meetings – on March 22 in Andover and Mansfield, on March 29 in Athol and Millbury, and on April 5 in North Adams and Springfield.

The MMA hosts the series of meetings twice a year in communities across the state to give local leaders, legislators and MMA staff the opportunity to network, exchange information and discuss issues of importance in state and local government in an informal setting.

The meetings give city and town officials an opportunity to talk about local successes and challenges and to give input on the MMA’s legislative priorities for the next two years.

Introductions begin at 8:15, followed by presentations and Q&A, and the meetings end by 10 a.m.

To date, the MMA has hosted 205 breakfast meetings in 170 communities since 2007, with a goal of hosting a meeting in each of the state’s 351 cities and towns. If your community has not hosted a Legislative Breakfast and would like to, contact Alandra Champion at or (617) 426-7272, ext. 121.

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