The MMA kicked off the “Inspiring Climate Action” webinar series on March 26. Participants included (clockwise from top left) MMA Legislative Analyst Josie Ahlberg, Massachusetts Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer and MMA Executive Director Adam Chapdelaine.

Massachusetts Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer and MMA Executive Director Adam Chapdelaine held a “fireside chat” today to kick off the MMA’s “Inspiring Climate Action” webinar series.

Chapdelaine began by asking Hoffer about the importance of climate action and the Healey-Driscoll administration’s commitment to the cause.

“For state and local governments, there’s not much of a choice,” she said. “The [climate] baseline is shifting, and it will continue to shift … We have to be aggressive about mitigating emissions and increasing security.”

As communities explore climate solutions, Hoffer said, “Local government, at its best, is a laboratory. … It’s up to cities and towns to form new alliances and try new things.”

Regarding electrification, Chapdelaine said many municipalities have concerns about costs.

“Cities and towns must take advantage of the money on the table,” Hoffer said. “The Massachusetts Federal Funds Partnership was created to help communities navigate funding opportunities and resources for these projects.”

MMA Legislative Analyst Josie Ahlberg moderated 30 minutes of questions and answers, which addressed inquiries about dedicated climate staff, insurance incentives, and implementing energy codes.

This was the first session in a series of webinars exploring how climate change impacts municipalities and addressing questions about how local officials can take action.

Upcoming webinars include:
• April 18: Inspiring Climate Action: From Planning to Practice
• April 30: Inspiring Climate Action: Effective Community Engagement Strategies

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