Just hours before its Annual Meeting began on Jan. 20, the MMA launched a new, online members service: the Mass Municipal Data Hub.

Created as a digital replacement for the annual Massachusetts Municipal Directory, the sortable and searchable Data Hub offers many new additional benefits.

The Data Hub provides a wealth of information about each of our 351 cities and towns, plus the ability to compare communities based on anything from forms of government, population, road miles, tax rates, or school enrollment, to total expenditures, CPA surcharge, or local receipts — and much more. The data spreadsheet seamlessly blends information from a number of different trusted sources.

Every Massachusetts municipality has its own profile, with a city or town hall photo, a description about what makes the community unique, and data pertinent to the community, including key local officials.

Additional Data Hub features include:
• Municipal Products & Services Listings, with more than 100 companies
• Complete municipal election and town meeting dates
• Legislators for each community
• Details about forms of municipal government in Massachusetts
• A Local Government 101 section
• Embedded maps throughout

The online Data Hub can be updated regularly throughout the year — a significant advantage over the former printed Directory.

The Data Hub can be found right on the MMA home page. Please take a look, and feel free to share your feedback with us.

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