The MMA has begun the annual process of updating city and town information for its database, in order to reach as many municipal officials as possible with all of the benefits of MMA membership – including access to in-person events, webinars, publications including The Beacon, and the MMA Annual Meeting & Trade Show every January in Boston.

The association is asking local leaders for help to ensure that it has complete and accurate information for every community.

This spring, the MMA has been sending emails to chief municipal officials with the necessary information for the CMO or designated staff member to update their community’s information using a convenient, online form. The form is pre-populated with personnel information that the MMA currently has on file — names of local officials, job titles, phone numbers and email addresses — so only updates and corrections are needed. The form should take only a few minutes to update and submit.

“You and your colleagues perform such vital work for your community, and we at the MMA want to support you every step of the way,” said MMA Deputy Executive Director Katie McCue. “Having this information allows us to serve you better, and to provide you with all of the resources we can to help you serve your community.”

For questions, technical issues or to change a community designee, contact