A Massachusetts Municipal Human Resources webinar today covered legal concerns related to furloughs and unemployment during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

MMA Senior Legislative Analyst Lisa Adams gave an update about the legislative response to the COVID-19 emergency in the human resources arena.

Attorney Melissa Murray of Norris, Murray & Peloquin explained the legal implications of furloughs, layoffs and unemployment. Murray covered civil service layoffs, WorkShare programs, and the importance of planning and documentation. She also provided a variety of resources to guide participants through the various processes.

Joe LaLiberte, a social worker in Acton, discussed coping strategies that people can use to manage stress during this crisis. LaLiberte emphasized the importance of maintaining a routine during this time and finding time to incorporate “stress-busting” activities like exercise and spending time outdoors.

Nearly 300 human resources professionals participated in the 90-minute webinar.

Download presentation by Lisa Adams (430K PDF)
Download presentation by Melissa Murray (930K PDF)