The 2024 edition of the Massachusetts Handbook for Select Board Members — conveniently available on the MMA website — has been updated to include new download and print options.

Users can use a menu on the right to download or print the full handbook or the individual chapter of their choice, providing expanded offline access and an easy solution for those who prefer print.

In January, the Massachusetts Select Board Association launched the online version of the comprehensive handbook, with convenient navigation tools and a built-in search function. The online edition has the advantage of being updateable on an ongoing basis. To help users keep track of updates, the date of the last significant update is available at the bottom of both the web and PDF versions.

The content of the 2024 handbook has been fully updated since the previous 2014 edition to reflect changes to laws and regulations, and to include emerging issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion and climate change, both of which are covered in new chapters.

The online version has a feedback form for member comments.

Contact: MMA Member Program Coordinator Anneke Craig at