Title Datesort ascending
Legislature starts work on FY17 state budget 02/29/2016
Cities, towns seek liquor license reform 02/26/2016
MMA urges legislators to boost Ch. 90 funding to $300M annually 02/26/2016
Gov. Baker files $900M economic development bill 02/16/2016
Special unemployment insurance group files recommendations 02/15/2016
Gov. Baker files bond bill with $200M for local road projects 02/12/2016
MassDOT offers ‘complete streets’ funding opportunities 02/11/2016
Leverett builds high-speed fiber optic Internet network 02/10/2016
City-run center in Everett offers low-cost exercise classes and equipment 02/10/2016
Danvers incentive program reduces peak electricity use and costs 02/10/2016
Adams joins regional 911 dispatch 02/10/2016
3 Gateway Cities get planning fellows from MassDevelopment 02/10/2016
Year-round Provincetown residents get property tax break 02/10/2016
Politico’s Allen talks presidential race, Obama’s last year 02/05/2016
Sens. Warren, Markey deliver federal update at MMA Annual Meeting 02/05/2016
9 towns win annual report awards 02/05/2016
AG Healey says opioid crisis is top priority 02/05/2016
Gov. Baker speaks at 2016 MMA Annual Meeting 02/01/2016
Senate committee releases public records bill 01/28/2016
1,175 attend 37th MMA Annual Meeting 01/28/2016
Gov. Baker files $39.6B state budget plan for FY17 01/27/2016
4 communities win MMA municipal website awards 01/27/2016
Gov. announces plans to close mid-year budget gap 01/27/2016
Auditor surveys municipalities to assess water system costs 01/27/2016
MMA releases report with opioid strategies for cities, towns 01/25/2016
MMA publishes municipal ‘best practices’ report 01/25/2016
Gov. Baker announces 4.3% increase in main local aid account 01/22/2016
Boston selected for project to build financial inclusion for families 01/19/2016
Opioid-reversal drug available to cities, towns at a discount 01/05/2016
Donation funds night gym program for Springfield kids 01/05/2016


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