Work continues on the 2020-2021 edition of the Massachusetts Municipal Directory, and the MMA will begin contacting municipalities in upcoming weeks to enlist their help in updating the information for their communities.

The process will be a little different this year, to minimize the time and effort required by member communities.

The MMA greatly appreciates the attention local officials give each year to updating their communities’ profiles. We particularly thank you in advance for your help this year, given the added challenges you face during the COVID-19 emergency response.

Because town elections have been delayed this year, the MMA will conduct its outreach in two stages, first by emailing towns to update information for non-elected municipal positions, and then following up to confirm elected positions after town elections are held. The MMA will also email cities this spring to confirm their information.

Communities will be given access to an online update form, which is pre-populated with the personnel information currently in the MMA database.

The MMA’s annual directory includes listings of local officials and contact information – as well as demographic and financial data – for all of the state’s cities and towns. There are also sections devoted to regional school districts, state and federal government agencies, and relevant professional organizations, as well as a guide to products and services for municipalities.

The new edition of the directory will be published in early fall.

For more information, contact the MMA at