The MMA is seeking updates from cities and towns for its 2020-2021 Massachusetts Municipal Directory, a comprehensive resource for connecting with colleagues.

As of July 15, 79 communities had updated their information using the convenient online tool.

Everett was the first community to complete its updates this year, with Executive Manager Dolores Lattanzi submitting them at 10:09 a.m. on July 1, the day that the first emails were sent with links to the online tool.

The online update form is pre-populated with the personnel information currently on file with the MMA, and should take only a few minutes to update by the person most familiar with a city or town’s personnel.

The MMA has sent emails to the chief municipal official and a selected designee in each community, with a link to the tool and the username to access it.

The Massachusetts Municipal Directory includes listings of local officials and contact information, as well as demographic and financial data, for all of the state’s cities and towns. The annual publication also includes sections devoted to regional school districts, state and federal government agencies, and relevant professional organizations, as well as a guide to products and services for municipalities.

The new edition of the directory will be published this fall.

For more information, contact the MMA at