OMNIA Partners, a sponsored program of the MMA, has released a set of tools to help communities manage their COVID-19 response.

“As your partner in this, we would like to remind you that OMNIA Partners has hundreds of existing cooperative contracts that [cities, towns and public agencies] can purchase from immediately,” writes OMNIA Partners in an alert to partner associations and organizations.

OMNIA Partners has assembled a task force to address the evolving needs during this time. This task force is working with the executive teams of their supplier partners to assist in the deployment of their COVID-19 plans and, when possible, to prioritize health care and government agencies for fulfillment.

OMNIA Partners helps public agencies connect to suppliers who can help with immediate community needs. More details can be found on OMNIA’s COVID-19 resources page.

The MMA is a state sponsor of the OMNIA Partners program. For more information on the program and our partnership, visit the MMA’s Featured Services page.