The Orleans Pond Coalition, a volunteer-based nonprofit, will implement a new ultrafine bubble oxygenation project this spring on an impaired pond to increase oxygen levels and improve the overall health of the pond.

The remediation technology will be used on Sarah’s Pond. The private, 5.8-acre pond was selected for its double basin feature; the system will be set up in one basin, while the other serves as a control. The pond has only four abutters.

If proven effective, the technology would provide an affordable remediation option to improve water quality for a wide variety of lakes and ponds, both freshwater and marine, public and private, according to Coalition President Suzanne Moore.

“Aeration is considered one of the least expensive ways of doing this,” Moore said. “It’s all relative, what’s affordable, but it is considerably cheaper than other remediation technology.”

The coalition will be working with SOLitude Lake Management for equipment, installation and two years of support at a cost of around $30,000. The coalition will continue to be responsible for all monitoring and water quality testing.

Last November, the Orleans Conservation Commission granted the project a Request for Determination of Applicability permit.

The first season of data will be gathered by the coalition from May through October. The coalition expects to learn from this first batch, although more than one season of data will be needed to determine whether the project is a success.

“When we decided to do this, we wanted this to be a gift to our community,” Moore said. “To try to put another tool in the toolbox.”

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