As the Aug. 31 reporting deadline approaches for Metropolitan Cities for State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds under the American Rescue Plan Act, the following are helpful, up-to-date resources from the U.S. Department of the Treasury for the submission of the Interim Report and Recovery Plan Performance Report:

Reporting and Compliance Guidance: This explains all the required reports in detail and the best first stop for any reporting questions.

Reporting guidance technical assistance webinars: With individual webinars for different types of jurisdictions, these webinars provide a good overview of reporting.

Reporting User Guide: This contains detailed submission instructions and answers to frequently asked reporting questions.

Reporting user guide video: This new video walks through the user guide, reporting portal, and provides additional details on how to submit required reports.

Recovery Plan template: This provides a sample template for the Recovery Plan Performance Report for states, territories, and large localities.

Evidence and Equity Webinars: The evidence and equity webinars provide technical assistance for recipients on how they can include evidence and equity in the spending and reporting.

FAQs: This document is the best resource for any policy-related questions related to reporting.

Additional questions: Individual recipients may send any questions that are not answered in these materials to

Portal walkthrough video: The Treasury on Tuesday released a 33-minute video providing a walkthrough of its portal for the interim report and recovery plan. Reporting basics can be found at 4:44. Interim Report is at 14:30. And Recovery Plan is at 27:04.