Do you know which Massachusetts municipality is currently served by three former MMA presidents?

The answer is Buckland, a Franklin County town with a population of 1,864.

Longtime Rep. Stephen Kulik, whose House district includes Buckland, served as MMA president in 1993, when he was a selectman in Worthington.

Buckland Treasurer/Collector Lisa Blackmer served as MMA president in 2016, when she was a city councillor in North Adams.

And Barry DelCastilho became the third when he was recently elected to the Buckland Select Board. He served as president of the MMA in 1997, while he was the town manager in Amherst.

(l) Rep. Stephen Kulik, (c) Lisa Blackmer, (r) Barry DelCastilho

Buckland will be down to two former MMA presidents soon, however, as Kulik is retiring from the Legislature at the end of December.

[Hat tip to Barry DelCastilho, who wrote to us with the trivia question.]