A Suffolk University job shadowing program gives municipal managers the opportunity to teach undergraduate and graduate students about their jobs — and possibly inspire a few future public servants.

Suffolk is seeking professionals who would be willing to serve as job shadowing hosts for its Spring Job Shadowing Program. The application deadline is Jan. 14.

Job shadow hosts allow one or more students to observe their work and learn about their professional backgrounds. The shadowing will take place during a day between mid-February and late April, depending on what is most convenient for the host.

This year, because of the public health situation, hosts will be able to decide whether to host students virtually or in-person. Given the pandemic’s changing conditions, Suffolk urges potential hosts to apply now and decide later whether to meet in person or virtually.

Suffolk is asking virtual hosts to offer at least 90 minutes to two hours of their time; in-person hosts are asked to consider devoting a half-day or full day for the shadowing.

Municipal managers interested in participating can fill out the online application.

For more information, contact Lauren Gray at Lgray3@suffolk.edu or Emma Denelsbeck at edenelsbeck@su.suffolk.edu.