The Mass in Motion program has created videos to highlight the efforts and progress of four participating communities to improve the health of residents.

The featured communities are Springfield, Weymouth, Williamsburg and the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.

According to the Department of Public Health, two out of three adults in Massachusetts and one in four children are either overweight or obese, a contributing factor to a host of health problems.

Mass in Motion is a movement to prevent obesity in Massachusetts by increasing opportunities for healthy eating and active living. The program works with communities, schools, childcare centers and businesses to create changes that make it easy for people to eat better and move more.

The Department of Public Health is providing funding to 27 locally based programs that cover 69 cities and towns across the Commonwealth. The programs aim to institute local policies dealing with food production, distribution and retail, and to solve built environment challenges that hamper biking and walking.

• Roxbury

• Springfield

• Weymouth

• Williamsburg