The MMA logo, adopted in 1979, is a depiction of a star fort city-state from medieval Europe. These planned communities were the centerpiece of their regions and the hub of progress, where people went for democracy, commerce, education, worship, zoning and sanitation, among other amenities. They served as a point of origin for modern Western civilization, democracy and economies.

The outer fortress protected the democratic society, while the network of roads connected residents to a central common. The star fort design provided security and promoted self-sufficiency, establishing communities as the source of progress and democracy, where civilization and the economy were able to thrive. This tradition continues today, as cities and towns serve as the center of modern life, providing essential services, education, commerce and democracy.

Many of the star fort city-states from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries have been destroyed or abandoned, but a small number of immaculate examples survive to this day, including the one pictured here in Palmanova, Italy.