The main MMA phone number is 617-426-7272. To send an email to a staff member, use this formula: firstinitial(nospace)lastname at mma dot org.
Executive Director
Geoffrey Beckwith (ext. 101)
Executive Director & CEO, MMA; President & CEO, MIIA
Geoff Beckwith’s bio
Administration & Finance Division
Katie McCue (ext. 111)
Finance, human resources, operations, facilities management, contract management, policy development and implementation
Scott Anderson (ext. 142)
Information Systems/Network Services Administrator
Amanda Appleton (ext. 0)
Administrative Coordinator
Administrative office support for the MMA and MIIA
Mary Blank (ext. 155)
Senior Accountant and Benefits Administrator
Accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, benefits administration, budget and audit preparation
Joan Jordan (ext. 171)
Accounts receivable and general accounting support
Ruby Sadoques (ext. 240)
Database Administrator
Database management, Annual Meeting registration
Molly Zuccarini (ext. 106)
Conference and Meeting Planner
Annual Meeting, conference and meeting planning and logistics across all MMA, MIIA, and member and affiliate groups
Communications & Membership Division
Candace Pierce (ext. 131)
Media relations, external communications, marketing, public education, public liaison functions, oversight of MMA communications and member service programs
Denise Baker (ext. 105)
Senior Member Services Coordinator
Membership services, meeting coordination for the Association of Town Finance Committees, Massachusetts Mayors’ Association and Massachusetts Municipal Management Association, inquiry research and response, education outreach services, special projects coordinator
Daniel DeMaina (ext. 147)
Associate Editor
Production of Massachusetts Municipal Directory and Annual Meeting Program Book, editorial and production assistance for other MMA publications
Meredith Gabrilska (ext. 110)
Digital Communications Coordinator
Editorial and production assistance for MMA publications, MMA website, social media
Karen LaPointe (ext. 154)
Advertising and Trade Show Manager
Advertising for the Municipal Advocate and the Municipal Directory, MMA Trade Show and related programs
Jessica Obasohan (ext. 107)
Administrative Assistant
Administrative support for MMA membership programs and events.
John Ouellette (ext. 134)
Manager of Publications and Digital Communications
Direction of The Beacon, Municipal Advocate, Massachusetts Municipal Directory, Annual Meeting Program Book, other MMA publications, the MMA website, social media
Devon Elizabeth Williams (ext. 104)
Member Services Coordinator
Membership services, meeting coordination for Massachusetts Selectmen's Association, Massachusetts Municipal Councillors' Association, Massachusetts Municipal Personnel Association and MMA Human Services Council, inquiry research and response, educational outreach services, special services
Legislative Division
John Robertson (ext. 122)
Budget and fiscal analysis, taxation, local aid, school finance; staff for the MMA Fiscal Policy Committee
Lisa Adams (ext. 123)
Senior Legislative Analyst
Management and labor relations, collective bargaining, health insurance, pensions, OPEB, open meeting law; staff for MMA Policy Committee on Personnel and Labor Relations
Alandra Champion (ext. 121)
Research and Administrative Assistant
Support for Legislative Services, Annual Meeting awards programs
Brittney Franklin (ext. 124)
Senior Legislative Analyst
Economic development, housing, land use, public health, public safety, taxation, federal issues; staff for MMA Policy Committee on Municipal and Regional Administration
Victoria Sclafani (ext. 161)
Legislative Analyst
Transportation, environment, energy, public works, utilities; staff for MMA Policy Committee on Energy and the Environment and MMA Policy Committee on Public Works, Transportation and Public Utilities
Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA)
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