Tuesday - June 25, 2024
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm

On June 25, the fourth session of the MMA’s “Inspiring Climate Action” webinar series will explore funding opportunities available to municipalities — particularly grants and tax credits — to support decarbonization efforts.

Green Communities Division Director Joanne Bissetta will discuss a new state grant program, Climate Leader Communities, run by the Department of Energy Resources. The program, focused on decarbonization, supports eligible cities and towns that adopt a specialized energy code and fulfill related goals and criteria, like creating a decarbonization roadmap.

Climate Leader Communities offers financial incentives for cities and towns to adopt more stringent, “greener” energy codes, which open the door for communities to be eligible for funding.

Officials from municipalities engaging in the certification and grant process will share how they have prepared to meet the program requirements and adopt the specialized energy code.

Speakers will include:
• Ashfield Energy Committee Chair Alexandra Osterman
• Luba Zhaurova, director of projects, Sustainability and Resilience, Worcester

Online registration is open for the 75-minute webinar. Only MMA members may register. Members include appointed or elected officials from MMA member communities across the state. Media members are not permitted to attend.

The “Inspiring Climate Action” webinar series explores how climate change impacts municipalities and addresses how municipal officials and staff can take action. The series will continue throughout 2024, with additional webinars on federal funds and electric vehicles to be held this summer. Municipal speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

MMA Education and Training Coordinator Lily Rancatore, lrancatore@mma.org