Thursday - July 16, 2020
10:30 am – 12:15 pm

MMMA Summer Meeting via Zoom


10:30 a.m.
Welcome, John Petrin, Chair of MMMA Retirees Committee
Introduction of Presenters, Rick Reed, Retirees Committee Member and ICMA Senior Advisor

10:35 a.m.
Have You Created An Estate Plan For You And Your Family?
Jason Atwater, Certified Financial Planner, ICMA Retirement Corporation
An estate plan is a map of how you want your personal and financial affairs to be handled in the future. An effective estate plan can help ensure that your family’s financial needs will be taken care of, and that your personal wishes will be carried out in the manner you intended. It is a critical part of your overall financial plan.

11:25 a.m.
Sorting Out the COVID-19 Confusion
Kevin D. Monds, CFA, Director, Client Portfolio Manager, ICMA Retirement Corporation
Both the market and economic dynamics since COVID-19 will be reviewed to better understand where we currently stand and what we may expect in the future.

11:45 a.m.- 12:15 p.m.
Networking for members in Breakout Rooms

To register for this meeting, please contact Denise Baker at the MMA,

MMA Senior Member Services Coordinator Denise Baker,
Massachusetts Municipal Management Association