Friday - March 8, 2024
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

The Massachusetts Select Board Association will hold its first webinar of the year on March 8, exploring recent developments in several property tax programs for eligible homeowners, including new opportunities made possible by tax relief measures enacted last October, as well as a proposed local-option, means-tested property tax exemption for seniors included as part of the administration’s Municipal Empowerment Act.

Lane Partridge, director of assessing in Barnstable and president of the Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers, will discuss the local property tax exemptions based on the senior circuit breaker income tax credit.

Two panelists from the Division of Local Services — Local Assessment Bureau Chief Chris Wilcock and Municipal Finance Law Bureau Chief Kenneth Woodland — will discuss the senior work off property tax deduction and the new local option to provide credits to landlords for renting to low-income individuals.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session moderated by MSA President Andy Hogeland, a Select Board member in Williamstown.

The registration link and agenda will be posted on the MMA website and emailed to MSA members in the coming weeks.

MMA Member Program Coordinator Anneke Craig,