Friday - September 10, 2021
9:30 am – 10:30 am

The Massachusetts Select Board Association is hosting a free Zoom webinar to discuss how municipal leaders can create affordable housing in their towns.

The affordable housing shortage is confronting municipalities across the Commonwealth, as demand continues to far outpace supply. Municipal officials are faced with the task of developing solutions that will work best for the situations in their communities.

During the webinar, a panel of housing experts will discuss what it means to be a housing-friendly community, different approaches to developing affordable housing, and how to cultivate community buy-in for affordable housing projects.

Speakers will include Easton Select Board Chair Dottie Fulginiti, who is an economic recovery planner with the Old Colony Planning Council; Judi Barrett, planning director, owner and operating manager of Barrett Planning Group, LLC; and Jennifer Van Campen, executive director of Metro West Collaborative Development.

MMA Member Services Coordinator Isabelle Nichols,
Massachusetts Select Board Association