Tuesday - February 21, 2023
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

On Feb. 21, the MMA will co-host a free webinar with Health Resources in Action to discuss best practices for engaging residents in municipal decision-making processes.

Communities can be transformed when constituents are meaningfully and authentically part of the decision-making process. These efforts can shift decision-making power and normalize collaborative government, thereby transforming who has the ability to drive change in communities.

Health Resources in Action also views resident engagement as an opportunity for local government officials to intentionally engage with and invest in diverse populations who historically have often been harmed by institutional decision-making processes.

In order to empower vulnerable populations and mitigate harm in social and physical environments, panelists will discuss how to coordinate purposeful engagement efforts and equitably engage community members. They will also share examples of effective resident engagement initiatives across the Commonwealth.

Speakers will include experts who have worked to increase resident engagement in municipal decision-making, community advocates, and municipal officials.

Appointed and elected municipal officials are invited to register for the webinar online.

MMA Education and Training Coordinator Lily Rancatore, lrancatore@mma.org