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The Association of Town Finance Committees was founded in 1934 by Danforth Comins of Brookline, who served as its executive secretary from 1944 to 1959. Stuart DeBard of Hingham served in that role from 1960 to 1994. When the Massachusetts Municipal Association was formed in 1979, the ATFC joined as an affiliate group. Since 1994, the MMA has provided administrative and professional support to the ATFC.
The ATFC maintains and publishes The Finance Committee Handbook, organizes at least two annual educational and professional meetings for finance committee members, and provides through its affiliation with the Massachusetts Municipal Association an avenue for member towns and their committee members to influence state government policy that affect local cities and towns. The ATFC Board is the elected body chartered with implementing the mission of the ATFC for the membership, in association with MMA staff. The Advisory Committee is appointed by the Board from amongst the membership, and advises the Board on the interests and needs of the broader ATFC membership.
ATFC members account for most of the state’s 296 towns. The goal of the association is to have all eligible Massachusetts town finance committees as members. Membership entitles finance committees to complimentary copies of the Massachusetts Finance Committee Handbook, the ATFC Newsletter, access to the conference for finance committee members, and many other services. To become a member, fill out the membership form.
Click here to view Youtube video of May 18 ATFC regional seminar
Click here for handouts from 2017 ATFC Annual Meeting
• For information about upcoming ATFC meetings, see the MMA Events calendar.
Here are some popular features on the MMA website:

  • The Local Aid and Finance area of the Resource Library: documents about the state budget, municipal finance rules and guidelines, Proposition 2 1/2, budgeting, and more
  • Letters to State Leaders: MMA letters and testimony advocating for the interests of local government on key issues
  • Municipal Marketplace: Vendors who specialize in municipal products and services, municipal job ads, and RFPs
  • Community Corner: stories about what's happening in other cities and towns, including Mass Innovations from The Beacon

Contact the ATFC
For more information about the Association of Town Finance Committees, contact Senior Member Services Coordinator Denise Baker at the MMA. Or use our convenient form to send a message to her directly.

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