The MMA today launched a new and substantially updated website. The site has a new look, featuring more photographs, and is designed to be clear, intuitive and user-friendly.

The site provides a rich, well-organized resource of reliable, timely and relevant information about local government in Massachusetts, with a focus on helping communities learn from each other.

The new site is fully functional on smartphones and tablets.

A more robust search function enables users to easily filter and narrow searches.

A user-friendly Events calendar promotes convenient meeting registration.

Visitors may opt-in to two types of update emails: A Weekly Roundup and Breaking News.

On the website, visitors can find:

The MMA launched its first website 22 years ago, in late 1996. As the internet has evolved and user expectations have changed, the site has gone through a number of iterations in an effort to deliver the best experience for members and other visitors.

The new site moves to WordPress, the most popular website management system in use today.

We welcome your feedback about the new site. Please use the Contact Us form to pass along your thoughts.

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