Municipal Policies and ProceduresWebinarfreePublication Date: Feb 07, 2023
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This webinar reviews guidelines for effective public meeting facilitation, including how to assemble an agenda, manage time efficiently, and respond to unruly attendees in cases where a meeting becomes emotionally charged.

• Dottie Fulginiti, Select Board Chair, Easton
• Trevor McDaniel, Select Board Chair, Deerfield, and council chair, Franklin Regional Council of Governments
• Christine Hoyt, Select Board Vice-Chair, Adams, Berkshire County Select Board Association
• Denise Dembkoski, Town Administrator, Stow (Moderator)

Town of Adams presentation (1M PDF)
Town of Deerfield presentation (850K PDF)
Town of Easton presentation (300K PDF)
• Meeting Notice – Town of Deerfield (85K PDF)
Public Comment Procedures – Town of Deerfield (154K PDF)
Public Participant Procedures – Town of Deerfield (173K PDF)
Sample Applicant Email Follow Up – Town of Adams (25K DOC)
Sample Meeting Planner Template – Town of Adams (22K XLSX)